Hollyglen Neighborhood Association

History of Hawthorne

*  Founded by Benjamin Harding and Harry Lombard in 1905

*  Named after author Nathaniel Hawthorne

*  Advertised as “the town between the city and the sea, directly on the Redondo

   Electric Car Line, 30 minutes ride from the heart of Los Angeles and right in line of

   rapid growth toward the harbor”

*  Grew to a thriving little town of over 100 homes by 1907 

*  In its early days had one grocery store.  Meat was brought three times a week by  

    wagon from Inglewood

*  The first school had 16 pupils ranging in age from kindergarten to 18

*  Mail service began in 1908             

*  Incorporated in July 1922 with a population just over 2,000         

*  Largely settled by emigrants from the Oklahoma and Texas dustbowl     

*  The first Mayor was C. C. Butler       

*  The first census was taken in 1930 and showed 6,595 residents     

*  In 1939 Northrop Aircraft Inc. (later Northrop Grumman Corp.) moved to Hawthorne    

    with 50 employees.  Industrial and commercial development then proceeded at a   

    steady pace and Hawthorne became known as the Cradle of Aviation